DT Swiss RR 511

Anyone wanting to build a reliable super-stiff wheel is starting in the right place with the RR 511. Thanks to a state-of-the-art aluminum alloy and surface treatment, this extremely robust 32-mm-high semi-aero rim is lighter than you would think. And those thinking of using it on gravel or cyclo-cross courses can easily install tubeless tires.

Weight: 530 g



DT Swiss rim RR511 24 holes Niet in voorraad
Artikelnummer:: VLDTRR51124
DT Swiss rim RR511 28 holes In voorraad
Artikelnummer:: VLDTRR51128
DT Swiss rim RR511 32 holes In voorraad
Artikelnummer:: VLDTRR51132
DT Swiss rim RR511 20 holes In voorraad
Artikelnummer:: VLDTRR51120